4 Style Essentials For The Summer Of 2020

What is MAN wearing in summer 2020? Of course there is no general answer to this question. Everyone is different and so is personal style.

And yet there are clothes and accessories that no men's wardrobe should be without this summer. With the following essentials, summer can definitely start.

The White T-shirt

A no brainer. The plain white T-shirt with round or V-neck collar celebrates its comeback (at the latest) this year. No wonder, already James Dean rose to the style icon of his time with this inconspicuous essential.

The Blue Jeans

Asked by the girls for some time now, the blue jeans is also compulsory for men this summer. In terms of fit, the trend is towards a relaxed fit. So the trousers don't have to fit quite so tight. As far as the colour is concerned, it can be light blue.

The oversize hoodie

The phenomenon of "women's trends becoming men's trends" also applies to outerwear: The oversized hoodie is a must have this summer. It has absolute favourite piece potential: dressed super comfortably and at the same time fully styled in line with the trend - could it be any better?

Bling Bling

Oh yes, it's really time: Men, open the jewelry box. The days of the plain, unassuming watch are over. This summer, men wear bracelets and necklaces. But you can also be a bit bulky: Cuban Link Chains are the order of the day. But if you like it a little less excited, you should look out for pearl bracelets (so-called beads).

With these 4 essentials, man is perfectly equipped and summer 2020 can come. Oh, dear ladies: If your loved one still has some room for improvement at the Fashion Must Haves 2020, cool pieces of jewelry are of course perfect as gifts. Think about it.