Cuban Link Chain – No Longer Hip Hop Niche

They say that trends always come back. Sometimes it takes decades for a trend to come back. Mostly, some people celebrate it while others curse it. With the Cuban Link Chain (also called Miami Cuban Link) it's a little different.

The heavy, coarse-meshed chains were already on the market in the 1970s. Since then they have been very popular in the hip hop and rap scene. The accessory did not find its way out of this niche until 2020.

Who would have thought that the fashion accessory of hip hoppers and rappers, which was a must-have in music videos in the 1990s, would find its way into the mainstream - 30 years after the aforementioned rappers were bouncing around fat in the flicker box? But here we are now, 2020, and Cuban Link Chains are enjoying great popularity. How could this happen?

Timeless, heavy, exciting

One reason for the rise of the Cuban Links in 2020 is their timeless design. They are very massive, coarse meshed chains, with a very simple design pattern. With this they already have the basic characteristics for every evergreen.

Another factor for the upswing of the Cuban Links is that they attract a lot of attention with their massive design. The wearer stands out from the crowd, is seen and attracts attention. In times of social media hypes, full-time influencers and high competition in all areas of life, it is therefore not surprising that eye-catching accessories are in fashion.

Fashion Must Have 2020

The third reason for the hype around the necklaces and bracelets, which are mostly worn in gold, silver and black, is the swank factor. This is by no means meant in a derogatory way: the Cuban Links have been considered a status symbol since the beginning. Many hip hop artists and rappers wore and still wear the necklaces to show off their wealth to the outside world. If you wear a thick chain on your wrist or around your neck, you are self-confident and symbolize strength.

The fact that the accessory, previously parked in the niche, has now found its way onto the street can be seen as a positive development. Because Cuban Links are extremely stylish pieces of jewelry that can be flexibly combined. Thanks to their simple design, they can be worn with a leisure look as well as in a business casual outfit. This would not have been possible a few years ago, when rap and hip-hop images were still blamed on the chains, making them unwearable for the office. That is no longer the case today. The Cuban Link Chain has long since been established and has become a must-have accessory for 2020. So come on, have the guts!