Don't Copy Trends – This Is How You Create Your Own Style

"Fashion fades, style is eternal." The sentence of the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, quoted a million times, is still valid in 2020. Because this year, too, the summer fashion trends for men at the major labels consist of many haute couture outfits. These are unwearable in everyday life.

Therefore, men should not be guided by the latest fashion trends. It is better to remember your own style. And this can be found through an extremely easy to copy 3-step concept.

1. Define Your Basics

First of all, you should pick out items of clothing from your wardrobe that you use at least twice a week. That you extremely like to wear, that you feel comfortable in.

This can be a simple white T-shirt or a black oversize hoodie - it doesn't matter. It's about you and your style.

2. Define Your Highlights

It's your best buddy's birthday and you've rented a table in a fancy club. You are invited to a party with work colleagues. You take your girlfriend or wife out for a fancy anniversary party. The question is always the same: What do you wear?

Take out the outfit from your wardrobe that you prefer to wear for a special occasion. You should feel comfortable in it, not dressed up.

This is how you filter the absolute highlights out of your wardrobe.

3. Define Your Accessories

For the vast majority of men, this is the most difficult step. Because not all men's wardrobes yet contain stylish accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or rings.

But the times when men only wore a chic watch on their wrist are over. Accessories for HIM are no longer just a trend (a little reminder of Yves' iconic phrase).

But one thing is also clear: accessories must match the style of clothing. That's why steps 1 and 2 were important. If you now look at your basics and highlights, you will get a perfect overview of the dominant colours, your preferred fit and brand affinity.

It's about the combo

In order to define the right accessories for you and to round off your style, you should pay particular attention to colour and fit. Let's take two examples that show you how to define the right accessories for you.

  • Type 1: White T-shirt with blue or black jeans
    Type 2: Colourful shirt in cubastyle with wide cut chino

Two completely different types. Accordingly, the choice of accessories must be done differently:

While type 1 can wear both gold and silver-coloured jewelry, the choice is reduced for type 2. Gold-coloured jewelry simply blends better into the overall picture with a colourful shirt with a wide collar and wide chinos.

As you can see, as different as the outfits are, as different are the accessories you should choose for your style. The best thing is to test yourself slowly. Because in the end only one thing counts anyway: You have to feel comfortable - BUT please with style :)