MADOW by Nick Gamroth

MADOW is a label of fashion and fitness influncer @nickgvm. Nick is a 26 year old fitness enthusiast from Munich, Germany.

His passion for style, fashion and travel inspired him to build MADOW, a premium jewelry label. But MADOW is not your average fashion brand. Nick and his partners want to make a difference and give back. Thus there are two core businesses: creating exclusive, premium jewelry and supporting reforestation programs worldwide to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Inspire and motivate

For Nick the label is a way to say 'Thank you' to his followers and supporters. His journey as an influencer started in 2019. Within just one year he's become a well-known social media personality in the field of fashion and fitness.

I'm just a normal guy. To hear that I was able to change someone's life is mind-blowing.

As a result, Nick wants to inspire his peers not only by motivational posts and stories. He wants to provide people with something they can touch and feel and hence link to Nick's positive attitude to life.

This was a main driver to launch a premium jewelry label. Jewelry, especially for men, is an excellent tool to submit a message. When worn it can be an eyecatcher or a very minimalistic piece that suits a persons outfit. But is always gives a message of self esteem, self confidence, pride and sense for style.

That's what drives Nick himself and what he wants his supporters, followers and people he inspires to experience as well.

Humble and down to earth

At the same time Nick is a very humble, down-to-earth person. When founding MADOW Nick and his partners thought about how to incorporate this into the label. In the end the decision was as down to earth as it gets: For every purchase at MADOW there will be planted a new tree on this beautiful planet. To achieve this, MADOW supports the UN environment backed Trillion Tree Campaign.

Supporting this initiative and link it with a premium jewelry label perfectly describes Nick's personality. On the one hand he is a fashion and style enthusiast – reflected by MADOW jewelry. On the other hand he truly believes in the power of a prosper environment – reflected by MADOW's support for reforestation programs.